Update from the World of Turanga

Kia Ora Whanau,

Welcome to a winter edition of our Turanga Blog. We have plenty of photos of what's been happening around the school and in our classrooms.

Room 9's big idea for their inquiry is 'With empathy, creativity and hard work we can use the natural world in a way that benefits many'. Here we are exploring the building of a dam and purifying water.

Room 26 are using the whakatau 'Whiria te tangata' (Weave the people together) and are looking at invisible links in nature, and asking questions about classifications.

This term Room 28 have inquired into perspective and photography. We have completed investigations into utilising geometric patterns in art and have experimented extensively with photography (framing, meaning, representation, etc)

Janki and Elle (Rm 5) sharing their ideas during philosophy about, 'What makes a friend, a friend?

On Monday the 18th of June, Room 6 went on a trip to the Auckland Art Gallery. In our Inquiry, we are currently focusing on the big idea of Belonging. We recognised different situations where you belong to something and are creating a community in our classroom for our small ‘friend characters’ and their cardboard homes. This will be from the ceiling! At the Auckland Art Gallery we spent some time exploring the: From Pillars to Post: Project Another Country exhibition dreamed up by husband and wife team Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan. This exhibition was created collaboratively by members of the public and is now its own little cardboard community. We also spent some time designing our dream home and got to go down to the studio, where we created the dream homes we had designed! We had an awesome day, it definitely strengthened our understandings that communities are places that people feel they belong to.

Room 4 planning formations for their upcoming dance battle against Room 6. 

Room 10 has went to the Doc Edge Festival, and have also being doing some science, exploring what causes sea levels to rise.

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