Welcome to Whanau Turanga 2018! A welcome letter to families

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Whanau Turanga Term 1 2018

Balmoral School Vision - ‘To value diversity and to develop curious, confident and connected learners.’

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

A huge welcome to you all. The staff members of Turanga and the wider Balmoral School community are excited to welcome you to our school. We hope you had a fantastic holiday and are enjoying a smooth transition into our school. 

This letter is a quick introduction to the members of our Year 7 team, a few of the things that we will be looking at in Term 1 and to make you aware of the key dates coming up. It is a busy term and no doubt your child will be already learning how to manage the wealth of new information and routines that are coming their way! 

Firstly, we would like to introduce ourselves. Going through the classes we have Bradley in Room 4, Emma in Room 5, Danielle in Room 6, Jesse in Room 9, Michelle in Room 10, Nick in Room 28 and Trish in Room 26. Malcolm Milner is our Principal. Trish Cullen our Associate Principal for the Intermediate. We have all been loving getting to know your children and are already enthused about all of the potential learning. Being a part of bringing a classroom of young people together is quite an incredible thing and you can’t help but feed off the energy that comes with it. We welcome you into our classrooms to discuss your child’s learning. Research shows that when students, teachers and parents are all on the same page it can be incredibly impactful on a students chances of success. If you do wish to meet one on one with your child’s teacher, please email them and allow two working days for them to respond with a time. Alternatively we can always speak over the phone. 

In keeping with our school vision, all of our classes will be following the inquiry model of teaching this year. Many classes are already well underway. Provoking, questioning, listening and responding to the students thoughts and wonderings. We are proud to respect our learners, delivering the curriculum in a way that engages and motivates them.

Understanding that it’s important to be yourself, but also to learn about others and make connections is a big focus this term and we will be exploring this in a myriad of ways in our classrooms. Our other big focus is the Year 7 Piha Mill Camp, March 20-23. In class we will be forming camp groups, creating menus, running through what to bring and just generally getting excited for what will be a fun and challenging experience. There will be a letter coming home with all the information regarding payments, what your child will need to bring and where the camp is. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact your class teacher. 

The other dates to be aware of are the Parent Teacher Student Conferences, these are on the 27th and 28th of March (the week before Easter). You will be emailed a link that allows you to book in a slot with your teacher a few weeks before. 

This blog will be used as a portal for you to see and read celebrations of learning that is happening in Turanga throughout 2018. Please add it to your favorites :) Another few links that might come in useful are…

Library Catalogue http://aiscloud.nz/BLM03/#!dashboard (an incredible source)
And some of our other blogs (Textiles, Art, Pasfika etc.) http://www.balmoral.school.nz/other-school-blogs/

Thank you all for your support thus far and sending your children to school with such a thirst for learning! Going forward you are most welcome to contact us with any queries or concerns.

Kind Regards, 

Jesse, Michelle, Danielle, Trish, Emma, Nick and Bradley.

brad@balmoral.school.nz daniellen@balmoral.school.nz, michelled@balmoral.school.nz, trishr@balmoral.school.nz, emma@balmoral.school.nz, nicholasm@balmoral.school.nz, jesse@balmoral.school.nz 

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