Camp Gear List

Hi Turanga!

Here is your camp gear list, just in case you need it...

Gear List for Camp
  1 x beanie
  1 x cap/hat (school hat is fine)
  4 x underwear
  3 x t-shirts (ideally one dry fit for the tramp)
  3 x shorts (one suitable for tramping)
   1 x sweatshirt
   1 x thermal top/merino top
  1 x thermal longs or track pants
  Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, hair brush, deodorant, soap)
Insect repellent
   Pillow case to fill with clothes
   Plate, bowl, mug (non breakable) knife, fork, spoon, drink bottle
  Sleeping bag
   Running shoes
  Good quality rain coat
  Swimming togs
  One towel
      3 x socks
      A plastic bag for wet/dirty clothes
  Playing cards/board game
      A book to read

     A backpack to carry lunch/drink bottle etc for the tramp. School bags are ideal for this.

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